>> Socrates and Symbolism: Using a Learning Mat Solution

Small and medium-sized businesses can now afford quality printed learning visuals at competitive prices.

> Also known as learning maps, a learning mat can help your company articulate your business vision, strategy and goals. People learn and retain more information when discussing issues that are supported by rich and memorable visual metaphors.

By combining a form of Socratic dialogue with business images, leaders can help their employees gain and retain core competencies and understanding while reinforcing their sense of teamwork, purpose and value to the company. A Learning Mat can help inspire employees to discuss and solve issues and motivate them to support important company initiatives. They become better aligned with key strategies. The visual components or landmarks make those strategies easier to remember because the entire brain is engaged when words and visual imagery are combined. When a company's vision, strategy and goals are easier to remember, they become easier to execute. Leaders are happy. The employees are happy. And most importantly, the customers are happy!

My learning mats begin with gaining an understanding of the company's history, its process, strategy, issues, its employees, competition, vision and goals. After that I begin drawing quick rough sketches in order to find an appropriate metaphor for the mat. Many changes and additions are made along the way until a final rough — sometimes including type and charts — is completed. If only a few copies of the mat are needed, they are typically printed out on a large ink jet printer at a local print shop. (Kinkos, etc).

Once the final rough is approved, a finished color mat with polished drawings is produced. The mat itself is usually 35 inches deep by 40 to 50 inches wide. It is very important to deliver a well-crafted mat to go with the business plan. A quality mat will engage the intellect AND emotions. The rational and irrational are combined to create a poweful learning experience. A rough, sloppy mat could impugn the data and message as well as impede learning. That's why I strive to deliver the best quality possible in a reasonable time frame. (The entire process can usually be completed in two or three weeks).

Here's your opportunity to obtain a valuable learning mat for a very reasonable price! Also, I am networked with other experienced artists as well as expert business consultants should they be needed.